We have been writing license bonds in California since 1968 and our experienced team can deliver same day turnaround through our simple and easy application process.

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At California Contractors we issue contractor license bonds with eight (8) distinct (A) Rated, Admitted insurance companies and constantly keep an eye out for new entrants in the market. Our unrivaled ability to shop across so many different Surety markets, each with a unique rate filing with the Department of Insurance and underwriting criteria, is just one of the ways in which we can consistently deliver your contractor bond at the very best price available.

Approximately two weeks after issuing your bond, you will receive a plastic ID card, verifying your Contractor Bond and License numbers. You may request a copy of the California license bond emailed or faxed to you by calling (800) 432-2641.

Do you require a contractor license bond or general liability insurance at this time?

Contractor License Bonds protect homeowners, employees and other property owners from up to $15,000 of financial harm resulting from non-adherence to Contractor State License Law (CSLL). Contractor License Bonds are required by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) to obtain and maintain a contractor license.