James Williams has applied for our Future Contractors Scholarship and his essay was selected to be one of our finalists. Below is some information about James and his essay submission. You can vote for his submission by clicking here.

Sophomore at Arizona State University
Major – Electrical Engineering

What do you enjoy about your studies?

What I enjoy most about my studies is the challenge it provides me. Engineering is a very special major because your peers, no matter how naturally gifted or smart they are, must put in hard work to succeed. The bonds you build undertaking these challenges with your classmates are ones that last a lifetime, and I am grateful for the many friendships I've made throughout my studies.

What hobbies/organizations/jobs are you included in?

I am currently a Mine Survey Intern for Freeport McMoRan. My hobbies include Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, weight lifting, running, and writing. I am part of Marine ROTC and Mu Alpha Theta. 

James' Essay. What do you think the future of construction will be like and how will your education be applicable to this?

One thing being a Survey Technician for America’s largest mining corporation has taught me is that you must always be ready for changes to the engineering, construction, and resource management process.

In under a decade we have moved from paper blueprints and planning on wall maps in Monday morning meetings to AutoCAD modeling, precise GPS locating, and instantaneous communication between units of massive projects. Improvements to technology have rapidly changed the pace and efficiency of working operations. And as state of the art equipment, software, and engineering practices become more affordable and widespread, the dynamics of industrial work such as that of the modern construction business will be transformed all together. In this essay, I intend to outline how my major is applicable in the field of construction and how the future of construction will almost certainly include the implementation of 3-D Scanning technology.

First and foremost, as a student of the Electrical Engineering studies, I may be biased to believe my major to be among the most basic skills warranted on a construction site. From making certain adequate power is available for all on-site equipment, to ensuring the electrical functionality of the final project design, Electrical Engineers pave the way for safe and successful projects of vast diversity.

Electrical Engineers have furthermore become pioneers of the construction business, searching vigorously for not only new and improved electrical system designs, but also for improvements to power tools, equipment, and machinery to get the job done quicker and safer. From solar power lighting, to drone technology, we involve ourselves in improving industry in America.

I believe the future of construction will undoubtedly feature a great upcoming utility that many companies have already adapted into their project arsenal; That is, the use of 3-D Scanning. The 3-D Scanner-- such as the XR3 Laser scanner-- offers to instantaneously track construction progress and find errors otherwise difficult to detect by the human eye. 3-D scanning is an efficient way to model real world job sites directly into a virtual platform where it can be manipulated, studied, and analyzed to give construction teams accurate data in real world time.

These scanners, while somewhat costly, offer as well a wide variety of uses involving the detailed documentation of work-place accidents. Data taken by the scanner allows companies to adequately analyze an on-site accident, its cause, and how best to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.

I truly believe 3-D Scanning to be of incredible application to the field of construction, and believe its use will drastically improve workplace safety, efficiency, and production costs across the board. I thank you for this great opportunity, and am excited for the future endeavors of your company!