Shaneka Murphy has applied for our Future Contractors Scholarship and his essay was selected to be one of our finalists. Below is some information about Shaneka and her essay submission. You can vote for his submission by clicking here.

Sophmore at Fayetteville Technical Community College
Major – Building Construction

What do you enjoy about your studies?

In school, I was the secretary of the Architecture program's ATO club for the past two years.  I love drawing, making, and building things, that's what I love about school. That's why I entered the programs that I did.  I'm finished with Architecture (which was a great program by the way) but now I want to do the hands on to know how to actually build buildings.  It will be a great experience for me as I take my knowledge of buildings to a whole new level. 

What hobbies/organizations/jobs are you included in?

I like to sing in the community with my kids.  I also make custom cakes.

Shaneka's Essay. What do you think the future of construction will be like and how will your education be applicable to this?

Like many other fields that are constantly changing overtime, construction inevitably will do the same as long as the need for new buildings and remodeling continues to be a necessity in our world. The future of construction will be quite a bit different than it is now. There are three areas that will undoubtedly have significant changes: Technology, convenience, and the demographics of the construction worker population.

Technology is rapidly changing in today's society, which is a necessity in most building construction projects now. Due to technology, it's now possible to see a building before it's even constructed. In the future, we may be able to put ourselves inside of the buildings as if in a time capsule and walk through them room by room and use them for whatever their function is. Wouldn't that would be amazing!

Convenience is another area where changes will be inevitable. Buildings are being constructed a lot quicker than they were in the past for many reasons. This will continue in the future as technology advances. It will be possible to estimate and choose supplies quicker and build quicker resulting in more building erections in less time and more money spent and made more rapidly.

Another difference in the future of construction is the rise of more women in the construction field. It's still a male dominated field pretty much, but the population of women occupying these jobs is on the rise. Women bring many advantages to the workplace such as work efficiency, dedication to the job, quick wits, good time management, and creativity. How will this affect me? Well being a woman, this gives me enough confidence to enter this field knowing that there are women like me who love this field and know that this is what they want to do.

There will also be plenty of jobs available besides hands on construction due to Technology. It will also be possible to do even more work from home depending on the job due to technology and the promising future that construction has.