Chloe Cavalli has applied for our Future Contractors Scholarship and her essay was selected to be one of our finalists. Below is some information about Chloe and her essay submission. You can vote for her submission by clicking here.

Freshman at Montcalm Community College
Major – Business Management

What do you enjoy about your studies?

My favorite things to study are about innovative Earth friendly construction and recycling.  I want to inspire sustainable living.

What hobbies/organizations/jobs are you included in?

Student Council, Michigan State University Science Internship, Spanish Club, National Cancer Society 24 Hr Walker/Volunteer/Fundraiser, Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) Certification, LEO Club, Day Care, and Interact. 

Through the Interact Club I’ve had many opportunities to volunteer at the Kids Food Basket, Relay For Life, and much more.  As an Interact Member, we not only helped in fixing and painting our school and community, but also the world. One of the biggest things I did in the Interact Club was going to many elementary schools to teach kids about the water crisis our world is having.  I would spread awareness and teach them the struggles that hundreds of thousands of people go through with not having clean available water. We collected money to go down to the Dominican Republic, built them fresh water wells, and created water purifiers for their homes and schools.  We’re now teaching kids about the lack of education and how we are trying to increase their opportunities by building another school down there.

Another community building volunteer program I was happy to be part of was through our local churches.  We bussed down with our tools in trailers to West Virginia for a week to help in cleaning, building, and educating a small impoverished community.  It was rewarding to see hope in so many faces and passing along building knowledge to others. I have so much to learn, but am thankful I can be part of a bigger future vision.

Chloe's Essay. What do you think the future of construction will be like and how will your education be applicable to this?

I am more than just excited for the future in construction, but inspired! In the past couple of years my family has been worried about not enough kids going into construction and the trades. My parents were general contractors in building our current energy efficient home and my Uncle Brian, my Godfather, is one of the best new innovator home builders in our area. He is my inspiration in going into a futuristic construction that is Earth friendly. I want to work with him and help him expand as a family business.

I have been learning more about building more sustainable homes that help make them more efficient and healthier for our Mother Earth: better non-toxic building building materials like the approved Environmental Choice tick supplies, solar water-heating, minimize waste and recycle more when rebuilding, and utilize rainwater collection tank and water-efficient appliances, to name a few. I believe people need to get more guidance and information to catch the bug for this exciting movement for a healthier living conditions.

I have volunteered a ton in helping to restore our local homes and schools in the Rockford community. I have worked at serving our homeless community and want to help further in giving back with this education. My parents are teachers, so education and helping others is part of me also. I hope to make future builders across America proud and inspired.

This scholarship would help me tremendously at our local community college and get me closer to my dream in helping to change the way we build America.