According to the latest statistics from eMarketer, 133.5 million users are accessing Instagram, the photo-sharing app, monthly. The platform is ranked fourth among all social media networks worldwide after Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Seventy-one percent of people aged 18-29 have active Instagram accounts, 48% aged 30-49 do, 29% aged 50-64 do, and 13% of those 65 and over do. Forty-two percent of people using the app earn more than $75,000.

These numbers reflect a strong basis for using Instagram for marketing purposes to promote your construction services to a demographic ready for new home builds, renovations, or remodeling. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in 2024, millennial buyers aged 25-43 will make up the largest share of home buyers at 38%. Instagram can also be used to recruit young talent to join your operation.

How to Get Started on Instagram

First, get to know the app before posting photos of your work. Create a personal profile and familiarize yourself with all its features. Focus on your profile description so it’s eye-catching and represents what services your construction business provides.

Start posting photos and videos of your work on your account regularly. You want to constantly remind your network (more on this below) that your business is active and should be their first choice for contracting work. At the same time, maintain a balance between the quantity and quality of the images you post. You don’t want to over-post.

Also, not all your photos should be project-related. Mix it up by sharing a story of interest on one of your employees or something funny that reflects your company’s culture. This is a great way to get subcontractors and newbies to the industry interested in your firm.

Add hashtags to your photos to help promote your work. Just use the hashtag symbol # preceding a word or phrase to categorize your content with other similar content on social media. For example, you can use #constructioninlosangeles or #renovationsmarincounty to help your content get discovered by a larger audience than your followers on the platform. 

Create a portfolio of your work by gathering the best samples of your projects and creating an album on Instagram to showcase to potential customers.

Build your network of followers by following others. Follow your customers, industry associations, vendors, and other construction companies with a strong social media presence.

Engage your audience by organizing a contest or leaking some exciting information about new upcoming features or projects. You want to find a way to attract your followers’ interest and build brand awareness constantly.

Ensure you include all your social media platforms on your websites and encourage visitors to follow you.