Congratulations to our February Contractor of the Month, Thomas Shelly Jr.! Thomas is the owner of his company Best Buy Carpets # 638074, located in Riverside, CA. He is a licensed flooring contractor with over 26 years of experience.

Contractor work is daunting to many, but Thomas has put his whole heart into the trade. He found it to be a great job after serving time in the military. While finding jobs was difficult starting out, Thomas didn’t give up. He has managed to be successful in his career, but it hasn’t come without serious perseverance.

After being diagnosed with tonsil cancer a few years ago, he had to endure what most people never even think of. He recalls his doctor saying, “I am going to bring you to the edge of death and then bring you back”. Medications that had to be taken for the cancer caused additional issues to arise. Even after going through this life crisis, Thomas has beaten cancer and is back to working as a contractor. He feels truly blessed to have gotten through the worst of it and be able to get back to what he loves doing.

Many interesting things happen while on the job, but Thomas says his most interesting memory happened to be was when he was pulling up carpet at a home. As he was tearing up the carpet, he saw something hidden underneath, and realized as he looked closer that they were family photos someone had left behind.

Thomas has many years of experience but did have some obstacles to overcome as he started out as a contractor. “Knowing the knowledge of the law and trade” he says is what keeps many contractors from becoming licensed.

One piece of advice that Thomas would give to new contractors that are just starting out would be “always double check your bids”. Bidding can ultimately make or break your business, so it is important to be as accurate as possible.

CCIS would like to say thank you to Thomas for his service to our community and wish him the best of luck in his future. 

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