Congratulations to our October Contractor of the Month, David Dennis! David is the sole owner of Mainline Paving and Excavating, license # 1052035, located in Manteca, California. He is a newly licensed contractor this year, but has many years of experience in the industry.

David decided to become a contractor for the flexibility of hours and to be in control of his income. However, it was not a walk in the park to become licensed. It takes a lot of discipline to go through the prerequisites to become a licensed contractor in California. David says the biggest hurdle is proving you have enough of the required experience.

Challenges do not end after becoming licensed, however. David said one of the most difficult projects he ever worked on was “Clearing 73 rail cars out of the way that derailed and repairing 2,500 ft of railroad track to get trains moving again”. David says that every job has new challenges to overcome.

A piece of advice that David gives to new contractors starting out in the industry is “Do not give up when things get difficult and frustrating. Take your lumps on the chin for mistakes, get yourself up and keep trying.”

CCIS wants to thank David Dennis for his service to the community, and wish him all the best in his contracting future. 

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