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Janitorial Bond Application:

I, the undersigned, hereby apply for a Dishonesty Bond also known as a Business Service Bond or Janitorial Service Bond (“bond”) to the Surety Company (“SURETY”) through California Contractors Insurance Services (“CCIS”), with whom I hereby grant the authority to act on my behalf with respect to the bond and assign as my Broker of Record, and declare that the statements herein are true and correct. In consideration of the SURETY issuing, renewing or substituting said bond(s), I, individually and as the owner or officer of the bonded entity, hereby understand and agree, as follows: (i) to reimburse, hold harmless, and indemnify SURETY upon demand for all loss, liability, claim, expense, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, expert’s fees, investigative fees and claims handling fees, and any other cost which SURETY shall pay or incur in defense, adjustment, or settlement of such claims/suits by reason of such suretyship; (ii) that an itemized statement of loss and expenses by SURETY shall be indisputable proof of my liability to SURETY; (iii) coverage is subject to a $100 deductible; (iv) the employee must be convicted before coverage will apply  (v) performance and any form of dispute resolution of this agreement shall take place in the county of SURETY's office of service; and (vi) a facsimile copy or electronically signed version of this agreement shall be binding as if it were an original. This agreement shall survive any changes in, substitute to or renewal of the bond(s).